• The Origins of Judaism, Christianity, & Islam EXPOSED

    History bear record that these other ethnic groups adopted our cultural and religious inheritance to dominate world politics, education, and economy.

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    Find these Books about AkhenAton, Nefertiti, and Amarna on AMAZON or at your favorite bookseller.

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    PALE ARABS INVADED & CONQUERED Our Ancestors Civilization beginning in 639 AD they also stole our Prayers, Pilgramage, and other Holy Teachings from Amarna, Egypt & Ethiopia!

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    Amarnian Culture, took concept of One God, and Our Holy Teachings, adopted it as theirs, since the 1080's AD.

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    Since 332 BCE, Europeans (Greeks & Romans) imitated Our Ancestors, became Coptics, Christians & Catholics, and then PLAGIARIZED the Christ/Son of GOD doctrine from true history of the Lord AkhenAton Osirus, & Horus of Ancient Egypt (KMT).

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  • World Community of Amarna

    ~The Holy Temple of Nefertiti~

    "House of Prayer and Holiness for All People"

    ~One God, One Culture & One People~  

    (Study Psalm 84: 11, Isaiah 2:2-4, Isa. 35:8, Jer. 32:39, Gal. 3:28, 1 John 1:5)

    "There is No God but the ATON"

    Proverbs 30:4

  • Reclaiming Our REAL Royal Cultural Heritage is

    the Master KEY to Resuscitation (Conscious Awakening), Reconnection, Re-empowerment,

    Rebuilding Our Families, Community & Nation! 

    We Must STOP making Excuses & Wasting Time...

    Apply the Reformer's Teachings & Unlift As One People!

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    Our DNA... the AkhenAton Gene!

    The western world and middle-eastern allies has for 2300 years has attempted to conceal the true identity of the golden chosen people of the Scriptures.


    What if the recent DNA anaylis has tracked where the chosen people wandered or was taken in global captivity?


    What was hidden is now revealed! Discover the Secret DNA link that connects Black Americans to East African peoples & civilization!

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    Our Forgotten History & Artifacts!

    Everything about the Lord and Pharoah Akhenaten, Queen Nefertiti, Monotheism, and the people of Amarna, including artifacts (cups, tools, dishes, hair, clothing, furniture, ect), Talitat, monuments, writings, all from the 18th dynastic period of Ancient Egypt and East Africa.


    See the divine intelligence of the Lord AkhenAton, and the inventions of the Nile Valley East African Ancestors. Click now to see the evidence of our Culture & History!

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    Learning Our Forgotten


    Learning language is a part of the cultural re-education, is to help our people gain genuine soundness of mind, as we are breaking mental chains of invaders and enslavers paradigms on our minds. Therefore to mentally, spiritually, and culturally reconnect with our ancestors and people across the world, which is true empowerment.


    Our people must learn to speak ancient/modern languages, if they are to be freed from mental/spiritual bondage. Amharic, one of the oldest languages of Ethiopia, and a sister language to Medu Neter.

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    Our Holy Land & Mother Country!

    Black Americans and our various people across the Diasopra is like the Prodigal Son in the New Testament of the Bible.


    The son wandered from home and fell into trouble, and was found working himself to death for foreigners, who was disrespecting him.


    Until one day, he realized his false status as a laborer, then he was culturally re-educated and returned home to power (Luke 15:11-32). 

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    Our Beliefs, Morals, & Values

    Examine the Amarnian cultural way of Life, pure Monotheism. Now you can d.iscover our way of life before we were invaded and our culture as hijacked by the inventors of Christianity, Judaism, Zoroastianism, and Islam. You shall know the truth, and that truth will set you free once you apply it to your live. No follower of the Reformer can be fooled!

  • 60 years ago, Messenger Elijah Muhammad taught Black Americans 'How to Eat to Live' and pointed to the East (Malachi 4:4-6). Now, his spiritual grandson, Yashua the Reformer, delivers to Black America, the true Cultural Cuisine of Our People of the Nile, from Ethiopia (Malachi 4:2 & Psalm 61:5).

  • Pray the Prayer of Atonement and

    Confess Your of Faith & Trust unto your Lord

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    DESTRUCTION: Hosea 4:6 or VISION: Proverbs 28:18

    Visionary Leadership + Organized People = Prosperous Progressive World.

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    "Praise the Lord for you, Brother Yashua. Had I never watched your YouTube video, and discovered your podcasts, I would still be misusing our women. You taught me to atone and update my culture to live a better life. I want to let you know, that I went to Ethiopia and found me a wife. Thank you for your example"

    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith

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    "When first began to listen to you, I knew I found the man I need to follow to God. I was once in a Black organization that was against interracial marriage, but I always loved Michelle and wanted to marry her. Your teachings helped me understand nature, and how God is not racist nor prejudice, but loves all humanity. Now we are married and members of the World Community. Thank you, Reformer teaching the Truth. You are always in our prayers for continual success. "

    Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Mohammed

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    "Thank the Lord I discovered Gospel of Yashua radio, I stopped eating pork, and now I eat our cultural cuisine. I feel better and I have more energy. I hope the Reformer read this, because I plegde to him, that I've enrolled college, so I can help build the World Community."

    Brother James

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    "Salam, my brother Yashua. Praise Jah for you Prince! I love you. Our people need you here in Ethiopia and all over the diaspora. When the cultural re-education center is open, I would like to teach sisters how to cook our cuisine. I'm here to serve you and the World community."

    Sister Miriam

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    "To my Teacher and Reformer. I must confess, that at first I hated your videos on YouTube, but I couldn't stop watching. One day, on my way to pick up my daughter from child care, I heard a voice that said "Listen to my Son". I knew then God had sent you as Light unto our people. I submit to your teachings and became a member. I started cooking Ethiopian food, and taking wife instuctions to become a wife, and a brother can find me. I pray for you everyday"

    Sister Tonya